Colin Craig
1 September 2014


Colin Speaking at the Auckland Broadcasting Debate at the Pioneer Women's Hall.

Colin Craig at the Auckland Broadcasting Debate had a rousing response from the crowd as he was introduced.


1 September 2014




Dominion Road School
14 Quest Terrace
Mt Roskill

Elliot Ikilei: Bravery and Heroism Award
27 August 2014

Elliot you are a fantastic man and an outstanding candidate and we are very proud of you.

.....Tonight's 3 News/Reid Research poll shows the Conservative Party is on the verge of making it into the next Parliament, even without an electorate deal with National.

Conservative party appeared in the media. (TV)

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Conservative Party Opening Address
26 August 2014

Party Leader Colin Craig says the Conservative top five is a winning combination.

Tonight in front of a South Auckland crowd packed with vocal Pacific Island supporters Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig announced the Party's top five list candidates.

In order they are:

   1. Colin Craig
   2. Christine Rankin
   3. Garth McVicar
   4. Melissa Perkin

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Napier Conservative Party Candidate Garth McVicar is accusing a Judge of forgetting that he is the gate-keeper for the community and not a benevolent caregiver for law breakers. "The comments by this Judge are not just alarming, they're completely bonkers," Mr McVicar says.

Garth McVicar, who recently resigned as spokesman for the Sensible Sentencing Trust to stand as the Conservative Party candidate for Napier is commenting on a Judges remarks when sentencing a woman caught dr...

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More good news this week with our highest polling result to date (3.4% as published by Fairfax today). On this poll we are in fourth place level with New Zealand First. We are now showing very good momentum, and maintaining that momentum will give us great success on election day.
The recent announcements of high profile New Zealanders standing including Mrs Christine Rankin, and Mr Garth McVicar, along with meetings up and down the country, are starting to make a d...

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Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesman Garth McVicar has today announced his intention to stand as the Conservative Party Candidate for the Napier Electorate.
The straight talking Hawkes Bay farmer is known throughout New Zealand as a tough advocate for law and order, with the courage to stand up for decent kiwis.
Not afraid to take on the system, Garth brings the common sense, decency, and family values that mark him out as a great Conservative Party ca...

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staff.jpgSince the Conservative Party Campaign Launch in early July, membership has flooded in and the Party now has now over seven thousand members and supporters.

" We have been inundated with new members who have seen our newspaper ads and leaflets and like what we stand for “ says Christine Rankin CEO and newly elected candidate for Epsom.

“We have momentum, we have huge support and we are gaining members at almost a hundred a day, ordinary Kiwi’s who want to be...

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Christine Rankin, The Battle for Epsom
5 August 2014

Christine Rankin

You know you're making waves when there's a cartoon about your standing for Epsom. Good one Christine!

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