Meet and Greet with Leighton

Meet and Greet meetings in Auckland You would have heard by now that we have selected a new leader for the Conservative Party. For more information on Leighton Baker, click on his photograph on the right hand side of the website. In the meantime – Leighton is going to Auckland to meet party supporters on Read More

Child Trafficking

“Would you like your son, or daughter, to work as a prostitute?” I haven’t met anyone who would, yet in 2003 New Zealand legalised prostitution, therefore saying, “Well, I don’t want my child doing it, but yours can!” Whilst the argument for legalisation was that it would keep the girls safer (and gain some tax Read More

New Leader for the Conservative Party

The Board of the Conservative Party of New Zealand is delighted to be able to announce that Leighton Baker is the new Party Leader. Leighton was born in Lower Hutt, lived in both Invercargill and Northland, and attended Secondary school in Auckland, so has an affinity with all of New Zealand. He farmed for a Read More

Peace in the Middle East and Resolution 2334

Peace in the Middle East has proven to be an elusive goal for many world leaders. In 1948, when the land was partitioned off into 2 states, Israel and Palestine, the US hoped that it would be a peaceful solution. It was not. The Conservative Party believes the 2 main reasons that peace has been Read More

We Value Life

We’ve launched a Christmas video. Please take a look using the “We Value Life” link to the right of our site. Merry Christmas!

John Key putting Family First

The Conservative Party of NZ wants to congratulate John Key, firstly for the stable leadership he has given the country over the past 8 years through some very difficult times, and secondly for the courageous step he took in putting the leadership of his family before the leadership of the nation. The toll the position Read More

38 times more vulnerable to abuse? Must Change!

The Conservative Party of New Zealand welcomes the report from Lindsay Mitchell on Child Abuse & Family Structure. Whilst the report only confirms what we were already aware of, that family structure is vitally important to the welfare of children, we hope that it will initiate discussion and bring change in the way we promote Read More

Porn Problem Solved?

The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation has recently unanimously approved a bill that would block all porn in Israel unless people ask to view it. In effect it forces internet companies in the country to censor adult websites by default. With the link between the viewing of pornography and sexual abuse of all kinds becoming Read More

Truth required in Euthanasia debate

Should assisted suicide be available, on demand, in New Zealand? As the Select Committee looks at arguments for, and against, legalising assisted suicide in New Zealand, the Conservative Party believes that the debate should be on “suicide on demand” as that will be the outcome. Whether it is what is happening Internationally, where assisted suicide Read More

Trump for President

The Conservative Party of New Zealand congratulates Donald Trump as President elect of the USA. Whilst we don’t necessarily support all the views held by Mr Trump, this campaign has shown that the average US citizen wants to be heard and is tired of corruption and progressive liberalism. The Conservative voice of the United States Read More

Latest Conservative Party Newsletter – November 2016

The Conservative – Issue no. 16 Hi everyone, We have just produced our first newsletter for the year after experimenting with an E-magazine and it will be posted to members. We hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Conservative and that you are inspired to keep battling for the New Zealand you want. Please Read More

Volunteers should not be prosecuted

The Conservative Party is calling for a Law change so that people involved in legitimate volunteer activities cannot be charged for accidents. “We are going to seriously limit volunteer activity if we continue with punitive action against people who are freely giving their time and energy to help others,” says Party spokesman Leighton Baker. Volunteer Read More

Williams v Craig

Colin Craig founded the Conservative Party 5 years ago. His voice on democracy and accountability resonated with thousands of people, with the Conservative Party gaining more votes than Act, Future NZ and the Maori Party at the last election. He has invested hugely, into the Party since it began. Many people support the values and Read More

Conservative Party 2016 AGM – November 12 2016

The Conservative Party have announced the date and venue for the 2016 Annual General Meeting. It will be held this year at the Holiday Inn, Auckland Airport on November 12 2016. Date: Saturday 12th November, 2016 Venue: Holiday Inn, Ascot Rd, Airport Oaks, Mangere Cost: $20 per person, $30 per couple. Members only for the Read More

A covenant for our nation’s children

The Conservative Party honours our Maori leaders for giving all New Zealanders leadership in this vital area of our life as a nation. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our children are our greatest treasure. In them lies our future and they have the privilege of upholding our legacy as a nation. They deserve the Read More

Traditional Family the Best

The Conservative Party is not surprised to read in Lindsay Mitchell’s report on “Child Poverty & Family Structure: What is the evidence telling us?” that the decreasing occurrence of the natural and traditional family unit of a loving dad and mum with children, has seen a corresponding increase in child poverty and income inequality. There Read More

Government Should Give Authority Where Needed

The Conservative Party fully supports Sensible Sentencing Trust’s call for Police and Corrections to have the authority to drug test offenders on Probation, Home Detention and Bail. “It seems bizarre that convicted criminals, with drug histories, are allowed on the streets with no way of monitoring their drug use. We call on the government to Read More

Prostitution Law Reform Needs Serious Reform

The Conservative Party believes we have dropped the ball in leading the world in the area of protecting the vulnerable from exploitation and abuse. While countries like Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Canada and now France, have introduced the same legislation we had the opportunity to introduce in 2003, our most vulnerable continue to suffer Read More

CYF Reform Won’t Work Without Accountability

Whist the Conservative Party are pleased to see that CYF are looking to make many changes in an attempt to address serious issues that were highlighted in a report conducted last year, there are still major concerns regarding the huge lack of accountability for CYF. The Conservative Party believes that until there is an Independent Read More

Flag Referendum Great. Process Wrong!

The Conservative Party’s number one policy is Binding Referenda. We applaud the fact that an issue as important as our National Flag was put to the people to vote on via a referendum. However, the Conservative Party totally disagrees with the process in which it was done, and the unnecessary financial costs involved. “Imagine how Read More