$20,000 TAX FREE
21 July 2014

$20,000 TAX FREE

In Wellington they’ve always got some hairbrained scheme in mind to spend your money. Seems like only yesterday that the honourable member for Wainuiomata thought it might be a top idea to reincarnate the Moa.
The only other reason we need to pay so much tax is to fund the Government’s vote buying programme; which clearly is proving to be more expensive than first thought. This is where they try and turn as many hardworking kiwi families as possible into beneficiaries.
It doesn't get any more cynical.
Don’t let anyone tell you we can’t afford a tax cut. Especially if they’re from Wellington. It’s not their money. The Government just needs to stop spending our wages and salaries like drunken sailors. Bit of a tip - it’d be cheaper, not to mention more transparent, to just tax us all less in the first place.
So that’s the plan.
If for example you were earning $20,000 per year, you’d pay no tax, and be $2520 better off. That’s nearly $50 a week in your back pocket. After that everyone pays a flat tax.
Real money in the hands of those that need it and know what to do with it. Letting anyone else spend it is just lunacy.


Safer Streets

In response to Mr Flavell’s tirade this afternoon Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig advises "Mr Flavell is simply mistaken in his comments."

"I presume in using the word "rant" Mr Flavell refers to my interview on this week’s Native Affairs program and suggest he re-looks at t...

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Why NZ needs the ConservativesNew material has been added to Publications, Documents.

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14 July 2014

One Law For All

The fact that in this day and age Maori are treated as 2nd class citizens and victims drives us nuts.
Since 1867 Maori have been segregated by special laws and separate seats in Parliament, and how’s that worked out do you think?
Exactly. No good has, or will come from using a race based system to govern. Nor incidentally, does it come from repeating mistakes.
Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same old thing over and over, but expecting a different result. Our wild and crazy thought?
Try something new.
It’s time to bring closure to the claims process and look to the future.
We stand for equal rights and representation for all New Zealanders, plain and simple.
Let’s change a broken system.
Nothing loony about that.


Safer Streets

Safer Streets
05 July 2014

Safer Streets

Call us crazy, but the way we see it a politician’s job 
is to follow the instructions voters give them. If we’re elected it’ll be because you wanted us to give the Government a backbone - to insist they reform the justice system as you instructed. We want justice for victims of crime and harsher penalties for those who do the crime. How loony is that?

Criminals will be made to do hard work; there’ll be no time to moan about being hard done by. But it’s not just us calling for tougher sentencing; over 90% of you instructed the Government - via a referendum - to harden up on criminals. You were ignored. If you’ve had enough of this arrogant and toxic behaviour from politicians - it’s time to show them the yellow card. On our watch referendums will be binding, justice
will prevail. Anything else is just plain silly.


Safer Streets

Today in front of supporters, local residents and media, Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig officially launched the 2014 Conservative Party Election Campaign.

The theme of the campaign is ‘Stand for Something.’

 “Political correctness and an unwillingness ...

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Nice One Sue
01 June 2014

Nice One Sue

We couldn't be further apart on the political spectrum.

We stand for different things, but we respect any politician that stands up for what they believe in, unfortunately they're a bit thin on the groud at the moment.

You can change all this on September 20.

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