“The capital gains tax announced by National is a sticking plaster approach that will do little to address the real housing problem in Auckland”,  says Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig. “What we need is a real solution.”
“The only certain outcome of more taxes is bigger government; but bigger government is not the solution,” says Mr Craig.  “A National Government should know better than to introduce a new tax that will be the thin en...

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Annual Conference and AGM - Novotel Hotel Greenlane
11 September 2015 7:00pm
The Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting of Conservative Party NZ is currently being planned, and the dates and venue have been confirmed. We will start with a banquet dinner and an address from Colin Craig and an additional guest speaker on the Friday evening, and will have a full action packed day on Saturday with topical guest speakers and feedback from delegates. The AGM will be on the 12th September at 4pm, and in the evening, there will be a public meeting. Sunday will be an interactive workshop day in Albany. More information will be released as it comes to hand.

10 November 2014

Our office has now relocated from 26 to 5 Triton Drive, Rosedale and is staffed mostly by volunteers. If you want to visit it is best to make an appointment via office@conservativeparty.org.nz

Post-election sees Conservative steadily growing in members, donations continue to be received and this support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much!

Post-election sees Conservative steadily growing in members, donations continue to be received and this support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much!


THANK YOU from Colin
10 November 2014

Thank you for all your support in the 2014 Election Campaign.

Election night was a night of mixed emotions for us all. So much hard work, and a much improved result, This of course was disappointing, but represents a new challenge as we look forward to making it into Parliament in 2017.

Our support grew by nearly 50% a higher growth rate than any other party, and deservedly so given the tremendous hard work and effort put into the Campaign. We contributed to the debates and gave voters a real alternative to the same old thing. I know how very hard our team worked across the country.

As a Party that is less than 3 years old we are continuing to grow and thrive and the future looks very good indeed. The 2017 plan is already underway and I will update you further on this in the next few weeks. In the meantime thank you to all our hard working volunteers, please take the time to rest and recuperate.

Your support is invaluable and we look forward to more positive things to come.

The Head Office has relocated back to 5 Triton Drive, the postal address, phone numbers and emails remain unchanged. Please do email to make appointments, rather than just drop in, as volunteers are staffing the office and it is not always open.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and the many hundreds of encouraging emails that have been coming in. Both Helen and I appreciate you all.

I look forward to catching up soon.
Kindest Regards
Colin Craig

THANK YOU from Christine
24 September 2014

I want to start by saying a big thank you to our faithful members and supporters. We so appreciate everything you have done in support of the Party in the lead up to our 2014 campaign. We do need to see this as fantastic progress and be encouraged by the fact that we will be there next time without fail.

We have learned so much, and at just three years old, the future for us is bright. Our Country still needs us and we still need you behind us.

We came so close at 4.1%, and yes, it was very disappointing that we didn't make it through on Saturday evening, however, we have grown to over 8500 members and supporters and we are still the fastest growing party in the country.

Your support is invaluable and we look forward to more positive things to come.

Yours sincerely
Christine Rankin CEO Conservative Party NZ
and the team here at HQ

"John Key's failure to deliver on his promise to change the anti-smacking law is costing National votes, and helping the Conservative Party," says Colin Craig.
“Parents are smacking down John Key, and this stupid law.”
"The Conservative Party is constantly receiving messages of support, with people referencing the anti-smacking law as a primary reason for changing their vote."
"The Conservative Party has consistently campaign...

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Party Leader Colin Craig at the TV ONE Seven Sharp Leaders Debate
6 September 2014

'Colin has lifted his game' -Duncan Garner
'People and Polices that you can Trust' !!

Colin Colin

Conservative Party are across the News ..Epsom Candidate Christine Rankin on TV3
6 September 2014

Christine Rankin Christine Rankin

Conservative Party Candidate Napier Gath McVicar
6 September 2014

Garth McVicar

"People know me and they know that I'm honest… and that is something that I can bring to this area."
-Garth McVicar

Colin Craig
1 September 2014


Colin Speaking at the Auckland Broadcasting Debate at the Pioneer Women's Hall.

Colin Craig at the Auckland Broadcasting Debate had a rousing response from the crowd as he was introduced.


Elliot Ikilei: Bravery and Heroism Award
27 August 2014

Elliot you are a fantastic man and an outstanding candidate and we are very proud of you.

.....Tonight's 3 News/Reid Research poll shows the Conservative Party is on the verge of making it into the next Parliament, even without an electorate deal with National.

Conservative party appeared in the media. (TV)

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Conservative Party Opening Address
26 August 2014

Party Leader Colin Craig says the Conservative top five is a winning combination.

Tonight in front of a South Auckland crowd packed with vocal Pacific Island supporters Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig announced the Party's top five list candidates.

In order they are:

   1. Colin Craig
   2. Christine Rankin
   3. Garth McVicar
   4. Melissa Perkin

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Napier Conservative Party Candidate Garth McVicar is accusing a Judge of forgetting that he is the gate-keeper for the community and not a benevolent caregiver for law breakers. "The comments by this Judge are not just alarming, they're completely bonkers," Mr McVicar says.

Garth McVicar, who recently resigned as spokesman for the Sensible Sentencing Trust to stand as the Conservative Party candidate for Napier is commenting on a Judges remarks when sentencing a woman caught dr...

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More good news this week with our highest polling result to date (3.4% as published by Fairfax today). On this poll we are in fourth place level with New Zealand First. We are now showing very good momentum, and maintaining that momentum will give us great success on election day.
The recent announcements of high profile New Zealanders standing including Mrs Christine Rankin, and Mr Garth McVicar, along with meetings up and down the country, are starting to make a d...

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Christine Rankin, The Battle for Epsom
5 August 2014

Christine Rankin

You know you're making waves when there's a cartoon about your standing for Epsom. Good one Christine!

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