Democracy? Yeah Right!

Leighton Baker, Conservative Party NZ Leader. In another blow to democracy, Trevor Mallard has taken it upon himself to change parliament’s opening prayer.

While there may be some who would welcome the change, surely even they must realise that allowing MPs to change things without, or before, consultation, is opening the way for power abuse. Removal, or for that matter any changes made to Parliament’s opening prayer should be put to the people for consultation.

It has been nine long, cold years for Labour in opposition.  Their promotion to Government is not a license to do what they will, but a trust given them, by the people, to govern with honesty, diligence, and in respect of the wishes of the people.

“With no upper house, or any way of holding Government to account between elections, the Conservative Party calls on the Honorable Winston Peters to keep his word and make Referenda binding, ensuring such matters are put to referenda so the people are heard,” says Leighton Baker, Party Leader.

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