We have received so much support from voters wishing to join up with us to help make New Zealand a better country. The pic shows a selection over the last few months . We would love to have you on-board so let us know how you want to help.
See our policies to help NZ do an about change and stop the progressive degradation of our country

* BE HEARD! We know you’re tired of being ignored by successive Governments over-riding the public will. It happened in the smacking referendum and others as well. See what we are proposing on how to reset democracy in NZ with our BCIR POLICY (Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum) and DEMOCRACY POLICY.

* WE LOVE, RESPECT & VALUE LIFE. We value life in all its forms from Fetus to Death and it’s time to stop the culture of death developing in this country. See our HEALTH POLICY.

* HOUSING FOR ALL. We all need somewhere to live and it’s now in short supply, increasing prices beyond many of us. See our HOUSING POLICY.

* OUR PEOPLE ARE TURNING TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. Lets stop the abuse and talk about the elephants in the room. See our DRUGS & ALCOHOL POLICY.

* THE NATURAL FAMILY UNIT IS BEST FOR ALL– Governments just don’t get it! We need to value and protect the traditional family which is the basis for a healthy culture in NZ. See our FAMILY POLICY. We also want to make sure no vulnerable people or families get left behind so see our WELFARE POLICY.

* PROTECT OUR HOMES AND BUSINESSES– We need to turn around the feeling we have that crime is on the increase and we don’t feel safe at home or at our small retail businesses. See our LAW & ORDER POLICY and JUSTICE POLICY.

* OUR YOUTH CRIME PREVENTION NEEDS TO BE REAL– We need to arrest the problems faced by some of our youth and keep them from crime. See our YOUTH CRIME POLICY and our BOOT FARM POLICY.

* MOVING FORWARD WITH MAORI– Looking at working together as Kiwis. See our MAORI & TREATY POLICY

* A FAIRER TAXATION SYSTEM– We have the answer in the ROBIN HOOD Tax i.e the FTT policy. This is radical but can make all the difference. See our TAXATION POLICY

* WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE ON THE WORLD STAGE– Radical solutions, but small as we are we can make a difference. See our FOREIGN AFFAIRS POLICY

* HELP US BUILD A RESILIENT RURAL ECONOMY– The health of New Zealand’s economy is dependent on the rural farming community. See our AGRICULTURE/AQUACULTURE POLICY


* ALL NEW ZEALANDERS ARE IMMIGRANTS OR DESCENDANTS OF IMMIGRANTS– we welcome those who would like to make New Zealand their home- See our IMMIGRATION POLICY

* EDUCATION IS A KEY TO REDUCING CRIME – we want to inspire young people, strengthen relationships and avoid poverty- see our EDUCATION POLICY

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