How Cat Towers Can Help Manage Your Cat’s Claws Naturally

Cat towers are not just playful additions to your cat’s daily life; they also play a crucial role in the natural management of your cat’s claws. At Cat Tree Haven, we design our cat towers with your cat’s health and natural instincts in mind. Here’s how a well-designed cat tower can help keep your cat’s claws in good shape:

  1. Natural Scratching Instincts

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, which helps them keep their claws sharp and healthy. Scratching removes the dead outer layer of the claws, preventing ingrown nails and other potential issues.

  1. Provides Appropriate Scratching Surfaces

Cat towers often incorporate various materials, such as sisal rope and corrugated cardboard, which are ideal for scratching. These materials mimic the textures cats would naturally use outdoors, like tree bark.

  1. Reduces Unwanted Scratching

By providing a designated scratching area, cat towers help minimize the risk of your cat scratching furniture, carpets, or curtains. This directs their natural scratching behavior to an appropriate place.

  1. Promotes Stretching and Muscle Tone

Scratching also involves stretching and pulling, which are excellent for your cat’s muscle development and flexibility. This helps them remain agile and healthy.

  1. Encourages Frequent Use

The strategic placement of scratching posts on a cat tower encourages frequent use. Placing the tower in a favorite area of your home where your cat spends a lot of time increases the likelihood they will use it regularly.


A cat tower is a beneficial tool for managing your cat’s claw health while satisfying their natural instincts. Browse the durable, multi-functional cat towers at Cat Tree Haven designed specifically to encourage healthy scratching habits.

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