How to Buy Sex Toys


When it comes to sex, men seem to be less choosy about which type of sex toy to buy, but women do have a preference for certain types of toys and they have a specific reason for buying the same sex’s toys over the other. The most common reasons for buying sex toys are the following:

Women like variety – The most popular reason why women say they buy sex toys is because they want more than one to use at once. While more than half of those surveyed (49% men vs. 37% women) said that their first buy was for their boyfriend/husband, a surprising 14% said that their first purchase was for their spouse. Almost twice as many respondents (2.5%) said that their first purchase was for an adult store, while nearly as many said that their first purchase was for sex toys.

Men like the feeling of surprise – While sex toys are typically meant to add pleasure and excitement in a relationship, a surprising number of men enjoy buying sex toys on their own just for the experience of surprise. For example, one male respondent stated that he bought a vibrator and had sex with his girlfriend without her knowing that he had purchased it.

It’s cheaper – In today’s economy, it seems more people are turning to sex toys as a way to save money. This is especially true of women, who are shopping for their husbands’ gifts. Although they will usually pay more than a man will for one of their own, they still find it cheaper than buying a gift for the husband.

Sex toys are easy – Most sex toys can be found in any major department store, although if you are looking for something a bit more exotic, you might want to look in the lingerie section of your local sex shop. Most sex toys are relatively easy to insert and remove, although some require a bit more skill than others.

Sex toys are more affordable – For women, sex toys are considered the most affordable option when it comes to pleasure. They are relatively cheap to buy and usually don’t cost much more than $20 or so, which means that a woman doesn’t need to break the bank in order to experience mind-blowing sex. pleasure. For men, they’re usually a little bit more expensive and can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the quality of their brand and what’s included.

Men buy sex toys for fun – Men are probably the only group that buying sex toys for sex purposes and for fun. This is because men don’t necessarily have an interest in the more explicit sex toys like vibrators and dildos. However, if they did, they’d most likely be the most popular group of buyers.

Regardless of whether you buy sex toys for pleasure, the main point is that you should know how to choose the sex toy that’s right for you. So next time you’re thinking of buying your man a gift, keep these factors in mind. The more research you do, the better equipped you’ll be when it comes to choosing the right sex toy for your new lover.

First, you want to know his preferences. If he likes being on his back, then a sex toy that makes that position more comfortable would be a good idea, since this will make it easier for him to reach orgasm. It might also be able to give him some sort of confidence boost after a particularly hard session, so if he enjoys oral sex, then a good oral sex toy is also a good idea.

Second, you want to consider his age. Many women get into the dating game late in their thirties and for that age group, the average age for sexual intercourse is going up every year. Therefore, the sex toys that are out there now may not be ideal for them, and might be more geared towards women a few years older than they are.

Last, you want to consider your budget. Remember, when it comes to buying toys, there are sex toys that are made for guys and toys designed for women.

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