National not in touch with the majority

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The results are in on the flag referendum, and the Conservative Party is pleased to see that so many people have participated, and that Government has, in this case, accepted that the will of the people is binding. We have no reason to fear binding referenda. It is democracy in practice.

This has shown us just how out of touch National is when it comes to knowing exactly what the majority want. Simple polling and common sense should have led to one referendum being held at the time of a general or local body election with minimal cost.

The Conservative Party is also concerned over the ability of Parliament to listen to what the majority want, unless of course it is election year.

“Take the referendum opposing the anti-smacking law for example,” says Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Spokesman. “87% of voters said NO to the law change, and National ignored them. There are many other examples of the majority being ignored, and the Conservative Party wants this changed by implementing binding referenda on major issues that affect New Zealanders, whether initiated by Government, or by New Zealand citizens.”

The Conservative Party holds the view that Members of Parliament should be exactly what they are elected to be, servants to, and representatives of the people.

“To ignore the people is not OK, the majority vote does matter, and the Conservative Party is the Party for the majority,” concludes Mr Baker.

Leighton Baker 021 361879

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