CYF Reform Won’t Work Without Accountability

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Whist the Conservative Party are pleased to see that CYF are looking to make many changes in an attempt to address serious issues that were highlighted in a report conducted last year, there are still major concerns regarding the huge lack of accountability for CYF.

The Conservative Party believes that until there is an Independent CYF Complaints Authority formed to hold CYF accountable, attitudes and approaches by those within the Department will not change, which in turn could greatly affect any desired outcomes regarding the new changes to be implemented. The Police have an independent complaints authority which has proven to be successful in both holding them accountable, as well as identifying changes needing to be implemented. The same should apply to CYF.

“Lack of accountability was certainly a critical factor in why the independent report was so damning. One of the reasons why CYF have such a bad reputation amongst the general population is because they are viewed as being a law unto themselves, and when you are talking about the lives of children, youth, and families, this is not acceptable,” says Mel Taylor, CYF Spokesperson for the Conservative Party.

Last week the Conservative Party launched their new EMag which contained an article on the need for an Independent CYFs Complaints Authority. The Conservative Party have received feed-back from many people, including lobby organisations who are in total agreement and have been advocating for one for many years, only to be fobbed off by MPs and Government.

“Accountability is a must, especially for CYF. Too many children and families have been negatively affected by wrong decisions made by CYF. How can a Government agency truly address major internal issues when they are never truly held to account? You would think that this is something CYF would welcome. After all, honesty, transparency, and accountability, can only help ensure the best desired outcomes for any ministry within Government,” Mel Taylor concludes.

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