A covenant for our nation’s children

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The Conservative Party honours our Maori leaders for giving all New Zealanders leadership in this vital area of our life as a nation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our children are our greatest treasure. In them lies our future and they have the privilege of upholding our legacy as a nation. They deserve the best care, protection, nurture and development that we can possibly give them. Our current performance in this area is deplorable.

The Conservative Party applauds the initiative taken by Judge Carolyn Henwood, Sir Mark Solomon, Sir Stephen Tindall, Naida Glavish and other prominent leaders in developing and promoting this covenant at the Iwi Leaders Forum in recent times. We look forward to being involved in providing positive policies that will lead to greater outcomes for all of our children.

“The signing of this covenant today by the 68 member Forum of Maori Leaders is a stake in the ground that declares we are committed to doing better, much better,” says Party spokesman Leighton Baker.

”The Conservative Party fully endorses this bold and courageous initiative.”

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