Williams v Craig

Colin Craig founded the Conservative Party 5 years ago. His voice on democracy and accountability resonated with thousands of people, with the Conservative Party gaining more votes than Act, Future NZ and the Maori Party at the last election. He has invested hugely, into the Party since it began. Many people support the values and beliefs of the Party, which is why it remains relevant.

Whilst the Conservative Party is indeed surprised by the jury’s finding against Colin Craig, we remind people that although he stepped down from leadership 15 months ago the new board continues to support the principles the party was founded on.

As Conservatives, we believe in personal responsibility, leading to dignity and reward.
We believe that politicians are servants of the people, not rulers.
We believe in justice for all, and value life at all its stages.
We value the nuclear/ traditional family as the foundation of a healthy society.
We support Binding Citizens’ Initiated Referenda.
We see welfare working as a hand-up to attain well-being, not a hand-out creating dependency.

The Conservative Party is made up of hardworking, committed individuals, who don’t give up or lie down easily, and we thank you for your loyalty and support through the storms. The Conservative Party has taken some hits lately, but it is not out, because New Zealand needs Conservatives.

New Zealand needs people of strong values and character, and it needs people brave enough to stand up for those values. New Zealand needs people who will address issues at the source rather than wait to deal with the results.

New Zealand is a fantastic place to live; our culture is based on Conservative principles. The Conservative Party has many supporters and members and we are planning to provide positive input into next year’s election.

Leighton Baker