Truth required in Euthanasia debate

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Should assisted suicide be available, on demand, in New Zealand?

As the Select Committee looks at arguments for, and against, legalising assisted suicide in New Zealand, the Conservative Party believes that the debate should be on “suicide on demand” as that will be the outcome.

Whether it is what is happening Internationally, where assisted suicide is legal, or our own experiences in New Zealand, the reality is that the right to choose assisted death, once legalised, will become available to anyone who wants it. It no longer focuses on the terminally ill in other countries, even considering those who feel they have “completed life.”

That is the real question we face, and as it is such an important one, the Conservative Party believes that it should be up to the people of New Zealand to decide through a binding referendum after a healthy debate.

“We were allowed to choose the design of a flag,” says Leighton Baker,Party Spokesman. “Surely we should be allowed to choose if New Zealanders honour, value and care for life, and in particular that of our elderly.”

Leighton Baker

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