PC Transgender rules make a mockery of athletics competitions

Top female weightlifter Tracey Lambrechs fears she can't match transgender opponent: NZWW
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Leighton Baker, Leader of the Conservative Party of NZ:

Today’s news that our previous weightlifting champ, Tracey Lambrechs, is having to change which category she lifts in due to a Transgender opponent has got to make us openly discuss this issue.

Allowing males who have rejected biology to compete against women in sport is simply not fair. There is no dispute whatsoever that men have a bigger muscle mass, making them stronger and faster than women. That’s why we have different categories in virtually every sport, even tennis last year where it was stated that the best female tennis player would struggle to make the top 200 in the men’s competition.

With that knowledge, why are we so reluctant to limit women’s sports to biological women, females?

If someone is that unhappy with themselves they choose to change gender, that is their choice, but to then use that to advantage in sport is not OK.

Let’s be honest and realistic New Zealand, and not allow women athletes be disadvantaged by ideologies that have no basis in fact.

The Conservative Party of New Zealand calls for biological gender -male and female, not gender choice, to dictate which category people compete in.

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