Simply Cut Off the Supply!

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Leighton Baker, Leader of the Conservative Party of NZ:

With the current debate around the latest drug addiction, that of pornography and its degrading of the value of life, and the sidestepping of the issue by certain political Parties, the Conservative Party refers to its press release of November last year.

The problem seems to be easily solved if we follow the example of Israel. The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation last year unanimously approved a bill that would block all porn in Israel unless people apply for permission to view it. In effect it forces internet companies in the country to censor adult websites by default.

Whilst we would support an enquiry into the issue, as a minimum, the reality is that most New Zealanders know someone who has been negatively affected by Porn. Adopting the Israeli process would give a fast result without wasting time and resources on an inquiry that other nations have obviously already done.

“Sounds like a good practical approach to solving a growing problem in society,” says Conservative Party Leader, Leighton Baker.


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