Conservatives say Modify, not Replace, the Abortion Law

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Leighton Baker, Party Leader:

The Conservative Party’s policy regarding abortion is to modify, not repeal or replace the existing abortion law.

Mr Leighton Baker, Party Leader, said “The Greens and Labour have been open in their intentions to remove any connection of abortion to the Crimes Act. Their plan is to decriminalise abortion by making it solely a health matter. Do New Zealanders really want to see unborn babies up to nine months gestation, full term, able to be killed by the abortionist, for any reason at all?

“We believe that such an extreme move will be intolerable – even sickening – to many, and have adopted a policy to modify the existing abortion law.”

The 1977 “Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act” was meant to protect the unborn child, and also the mother in serious circumstances. An abortion was to be undertaken only “…with full regard to the rights of the unborn child.” Unfortunately these rights were never spelt out resulting in 97% of abortions being conducted under the specious term “…threat to the mental health”, of the mother, with little or no regard for the unborn child.

In fairness to mother and child, the existing abortion law should be modified, not replaced by removal of all safeguards for both, but clarified to honour the “full regard for the rights of the unborn child” as originally intended.

New Zealand is in the hypocritical, “lip service only” situation of signing up to international documents that guarantee the “intrinsic, inalienable right to life” of the unborn child, then allowing a virtual abortion-on-demand system to exist. As a country we have an obligation to correct this.

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