Which one deserves personhood status: the Whanganui River or unborn babies?

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Conservative Party NZ.

What is a person?

Recently the Whanganui River has been granted “personhood” status. This raises some interesting questions …

Being an old river, is it now eligible for the pension?
Will Winston give it a gold card and gain its vote?
More importantly, have our politicians finally lost their marbles?

How does a river gain personhood, whilst at the same time there is pressure from Labour and the Greens to remove personhood status from unborn Kiwi’s?

The only difference between a fetus and a baby is the CHOICE to LOVE.

The Conservative Party calls on the Government to uphold and enforce the existing Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion law so that the smallest Kiwi’s are protected in accordance with the UN declaration of human rights.

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