Families Before Dollars

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Leighton Baker: It is the Government’s role to protect its citizens’ life, freedoms, and property, and abdicating that role, by giving authority to individual councils in regards to trading hours, lets down those that need its protection.

Whilst retailers complain that they need to open to be viable, we all know that the motivation is greed.

There are very few days in New Zealand when shops are shut and all staff are free to enjoy life with their families. Reducing those days off impinges on families’ wellbeing.

Families do matter. Healthy families reduce child abuse, drug abuse, suicide and state dependency. Investing in families is smart money.

A report out from Iceland showed that when families were encouraged and supported, teen drug use, alcohol abuse and smoking all reduced dramatically.

“It’s time we put families before profit and allowed time for families to just hang out together,” says Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader. “Once we allow trading, all shops feel that they must open to retain market share. They in turn require their staff to work and more valuable family time is stolen.”

This is not a religious issue, but it is about retaining a tradition that serves our community and families well.

“It is a disturbing trend when a vocal few get to remove the beneficial freedoms of the majority.”

The Conservative Party believes that the citizens of New Zealand should be the ones to choose whether or not they are willing to lose family time through a binding referenda on Easter trading.

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