Charities Commission Needs a Smack

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Is it time to review the Charities Commission?

Surely it is the role of the Charities Commission to ensure that those organisations who have, or are seeking, Charitable status, are actually carrying out work for the benefit of the community and not for profit.

The continued harassment of Family First, even after a court ruling in their favour, shows some ideology taking precedence over the Charities Commission’s mandate. While the world celebrated International Day of Families on Monday, the Charities Commission were busy trying to silence the most respected voice for families in New Zealand.

Family First advocates for the protection and value of the natural family unit, and at a time where marriages are decreasing and families are falling apart but child abuse, teen suicide and crime are increasing, surely a group that exposes the societal links between these statistics is working for the benefit of society as a whole?

Is there anything more important for the welfare of New Zealand than strong, healthy families?

The Conservative Party calls for the Minister responsible for the Charities Commission to reign in this organisation and allow freedom of speech to continue.


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