Marijuana – the Real Facts

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Leighton Baker, Conservative Party NZ.

The calls to Legalise Marijuana are based on “Alternative facts.”  Here are some real facts:

  •  Smoking marijuana has more health risks than benefits.
  •  Chronic pain relief can sometimes be found in hemp oils (CBDs), but these are low in THC, the mind altering element of marijuana.
  •  New Zealand citizens are not incarcerated for smoking dope.
  •  Legalising marijuana for medical use has led to higher rates of drug abuse. (US study)
  •  Drug abuse is one of the 2 main causes of child abuse.
  •  Marijuana use negatively affects the brains of young people.
  •  Marijuana use during pregnancy can negatively affect the baby.
  •  Legalising Marijuana sends a false message to young people that it is ok and harmless.

These are the facts around marijuana and why the government’s stand on not legalising it is correct. We cannot say we care about young people and then legalise Marijuana. We cannot say we care about child abuse and then legalise marijuana. This is a harmful drug and we need to keep reiterating that, not trying to promote it as some sort of harmless health remedy that is our right to partake of.

This is very similar to the campaign to reduce the drinking age, those that worked with young people were opposed because of the harm, those that sold the product supported a lower age as it made profits. The effect of poor decision making by government has been tragic for many families, all over New Zealand.

“The Conservative Party cares about the young people of New Zealand and cannot support the legalising of marijuana. We call on the responsible people in Parliament to look at the facts and vote accordingly,” says Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader.

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