Executing Drug Smugglers not the Best Call

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Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader.  “Executing Chinese drug smugglers will not stem abuse,” says Hone Harawira’s statement to execute Chinese drug smugglers has seen the Conservative Party receive calls for official complaints to both the Police and the Race Relations Conciliator for inciting racial hatred.

While it maybe true that Mr Harawira was not intentionally being racist and was just venting at the devastation meth is causing in the Maori community, it is true that stemming the tide of meth coming into New Zealand will not stop drug abuse. It will just change the drug being used.

The real question has to be, why are people using drugs, and how can communities help the disenfranchised re-connect?

The Conservative Party’s Justice policy, being released this Saturday, has a raft of practical ideas to make our justice system more effective, with prevention being a key component. However, until the demand for drugs is reduced, there will always be supply of one form or another, and blaming drug importers is shifting the focus away from personal responsibility when it comes to using and abusing drugs.

“We would encourage Mr Harawira to apologise to the valued Chinese community who are by far the least represented when it comes to New Zealand’s abuse statistics,” says Mr Baker.

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