Government Should Own the Lawlessness

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Leighton Baker, Conservative Party of NZ. Once again we read of the increasing violence in schools and assaults by students on teachers and fellow students, even though bullying and violence is not tolerated.

Ten years ago when The Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007 was passed, many predicted no difference would be made to the child abuse stats. That has proven to be true. Many also predicted that this law would disempower parents, that within ten years we would see children increasingly out of control because the clear correction they needed in their formative years was lacking, and that the Department of Corrections would have to deal with the lawlessness. That has also proven to be true.

What this also shows is that the public have been proven correct when they voted 87% in a referendum in favour of reversing the law that made a light smack a criminal offence. Conservative Party believes that Government ministers, who are employed by the people, should listen to the people, and that referenda should be binding on government.

“It is time to restore a level of democracy to New Zealand that gives the public confidence that the government of the day will listen to them, and not think that their election empowers them to know best and make decisions opposing the corporate wisdom of the public,” says Leighton Baker, Party Leader. “Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda will keep government in check, 66% of New Zealanders want referenda binding, and the Conservative Party is committed to seeing the law changed to make them binding.

“It’s time for them to listen. Your voice matters!” concludes Mr Baker.

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