Conservative Party Exists Already

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Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader.  Current debates around the need for a socially and fiscally conservative Party, that would be able to work with National in any future Government, seem to want to ignore the fact that such a party already exists.

The Conservative Party has campaigned hard on issues like personal responsibility, the importance of the family unit in a healthy society, and valuing the trades.

We recognise that children deserve to live in a stable loving home and that schools are the best government department for reducing crime.

We are the only party that has said that offenders should work for their freedom and that their release should be conditional on them engaging in both work and education.

We are the only party that has said instead of sending billions of dollars offshore on dubious carbon credits, we should invest those funds in New Zealand research and development and then export our “pollution solutions” to the world. This would have a far greater positive impact on our environment as well as provide great opportunities for creative Kiwis.

And yes we are the party that says legalising the killing of Kiwis and normalising suicide is not in the best long term interests of our nation.

This last election has also shown that we are the only Party that recognises that New Zealand citizens should be able to veto government policies through Binding Referenda.

So the Party exists, the question is just whether or not our policies will get any attention in the media.

On this note, our Dep Leader Elliot Ikilei talked on ZB Talkback Tuesday morning to Leighton Smith about how the Conservative Party should be the natural party of choice with its socially conservative Family focus. You can hear Elliot talk to Leighton here.


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