Axe Charter Schools? No!

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Leighton Baker, Party Leader. Charter schools are working and are providing choice for parents who want an education system that best meets the needs of their children. The Labour Party needs to recognise that not all children are the same and providing a variety of learning institutions is a good thing. In fact Conservative Party’s policy is to broaden things even further.

Rather than shutting down successful educational facilities, the government needs to encourage trades training schools where those students who are more practical can get an education better suited to their needs. If we were training students in the trades from year 9, then when they finished school, they would be more ready for employment and would have stayed involved in education. There are studies that show that students who stay in school are less likely to be involved in crime, and less likely to be on a benefit.

If this Labour led government is genuine in reducing the prison population, then it needs to address the root causes of crime. Closing charter schools does the opposite.

The socialist ideology that says all people are the same is wrong. We are all different, learn differently, and it’s this diversity that gives value to our society.

We would encourage the members of the Labour cabinet to visit some Charter schools, and talk to the parents of the students there, to see for themselves their true worth. They are going a long way to meeting the needs of those young people this government claims to care about.

Leighton Baker

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