Confiscation of White South African’s Land

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Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader. The Conservative Party of New Zealand is disturbed by reports that the South African Government (The ANC) is intending to pass law confiscating land from White South African Farmers without compensation.

While we are not in possession of all the information of how those farmers or their forefathers  procured their land, it would seem reasonable that any claims of unfair acquisition should be dealt with by the courts, on an individual basis, rather than by a blanket ruling of government.

The Conservative Party waits in anticipation for our Labour led Government to voice this country’s strong opposition to  this indiscriminate, socialist, and racist law, and let the South African government know that it is deeply disappointed that a portion of society  that has unquestionably suffered from the serious injustices of racism, would now resort to it themselves.

“Silence from this  government would show  acceptance of this separatist law, and goes against their own core values,” says Leighton Baker, Party leader

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