Simon Gutschlag

Simon  is  Canterbury  born  and  raised.  He traveled  for  3  years   immediately  after  graduating  from  Lincoln  University,  wanting  to  make  sure  that  there   wasn’t  a  better  place  to  live  than  New  Zealand.  If  there  is,  he hasn’t  been  there  and  he  went   to  all  the  logical  places  that he  could  imagine  getting  close.     He  moved  to  Auckland  after  arriving  back  and  quickly  moved  into  IT  management  (and since moved into more General Management)  and  met  his  lovely  wife,  Cathy,  and  they  married  in  2000.  They  moved  to   Nelson  in  2005  and  have  loved  living  here  ever  since  with  their  4  children.    He is involved in his local community in a number of groups/roles, is passionate  about  our  Conservative  Party   values,  and  believe  that  it’s  crucial  that  we  have  a  political  voice.



Leighton Baker

Leighton was born in Lower Hutt, lived in both Invercargill and Northland and attended Secondary school in Auckland, so he has a real affinity with all of New Zealand. He farmed for a few years before completing a building apprenticeship in Auckland. When he was 23 he started his own building business,  later moving to Rangiora. Twenty five years later, he is still a builder, running the same business.

Over the past 20 years or more he has had the opportunity to invest in the lives of young people teaching them how to find their strengths through trades training and in particular he spent 6 years as a trade tutor. He is 50 years of age, married, with 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. He has been politically active for the past 10 years, and part of the Conservative Party Board since its foundation.

His aim, as leader of the Conservative Party is to find a way to make the government do a health check on our democracy. He wants them to identify and correct the root causes of both Child abuse and child poverty in New Zealand.  Someone needs to ask some honest and real questions around social policy, housing and justice.”


Laurence Day

Laurence  is  a  married  man  with  three  sons  and  three  grandsons,  he  was  educated   at  Hamilton  Boy’s  High,  and  has  a  BSc  from  the  University  of  Waikato.  After  initially   working  in  the  Agricultural  research  and  consultancy  sector  Laurence  built  a  strong   business  profile  in  the  private  Educational  sector.    Laurence  served  on  the  previous  national  board  of  the  Conservative  Party  and  has   been  a  vocal  advocate  for  binding  citizens  initiated  referendums  and  believes  the   voice  of  the  people  should  take  precedence  over  the  opinions  of  politicians.    He  is  an  active  water  and  snow  skier,  enjoys  riding  classic  motorcycles,  and  is  an  occasional  hunter.  He  also   enjoys  the  occasional  opera  or  show  with  his  wife.    He  is  the  National  Chairman  of  a  Charitable  Organisation  formed  to  mentor  young  people  and  new   business  people  who  are  focused  on  building  businesses  and  serving  the  community.    Laurence  believes  a  focused  approach  to  the  2017  general  election  will  see  the  Conservative  Party  have   elected  MPs  in  Parliament  and  is  committed  to  working  towards  that  goal.



Kevin Stitt

Kevin tends  to  be  a  self  sufficient,  confident,  independent  goal  setter  who  will  find  a  way   of  getting  the  task  done,  but  has  learnt  to  value  the  input  and  contribution  of   others.  He  loves  innovation,  creativity,  development  and  exploring  new  ideas.   Whether  it’s  a  broken  machine,  young  person,  city  or  nation,  finding  new  ways  to   improve  things  is  life  to  him.  He is  sensitive,  honest  and  compassionate.   He is  a  happily  married  family  man  with  one  wife  of  46  years,  5  children  and  11   grandchildren  and  he  believes  the  family  unit  is  the  building  block  of  society.  The   strengths  he  brings  to  the  Board  table  include  responsibility,  belief,  strategic,   relator  and  connectedness.   Qualified  Aeronautical  Engineer  (RNZAF);  Owned  and  operated  a  successful  small  business  for  7yrs;  9yrs   Chairman  Intermediate  School  BOT;  Settlor,  CEO  and  30 yrs  full time  volunteer  with  youth  focused  charity;   Treasurer  for  several  Trusts;  Party  Secretary  Kiwi  Party;  Party  Secretary  and  current  Administrator  Conservative  Party.


Melanie Taylor

Melanie  Taylor is happily  married,  and  the  proud  mother  of  4 beautiful  children.    She has lived  in  wonderful  Maungaturoto  -­‐  Northland,  for  over  11   years.   Her  and her husband  have  worked  as  front-line Specialist  CYFs  Caregivers  for  over  15  years.    They   work  from  home  on  a  24/7  basis  with  high  at-risk  and  behavioral  teenage  boys.   She  has had  the  honor  of  being  the Conservative Party Northland  Candidate  in  the  previous  two  elections,  with  fantastic  results  and   amazing  support.  She is a  proactive  person,  and passionate  about  seeing  that  New  Zealanders  have  a  voice  which  is  not   only  heard,  but  actioned  upon.




Elliot Ikilei

Elliot’s early formative recollections were spending time with his whanau, Sully Paea at home with street kids looking for safety, food and warmth. His grandmother, Fanela Ikilei always ready to have family come back to the family home in Pt England for times of respite. His mother, Dianne Hohaia, has forever advocated and protected those subjected to injustice.

He has worked in many roles and companies, from offices to factory floors,  with adults, children and animals, from entry level roles to strategic management positions. He has sought to help people because that is what his family does; mother, father,  grandparents, immediate and extended fanau. Some years ago, his personal and professional lives aligned, enabling his work and passion for people and paying bills.

Government policies post 1980’s have failed to support strong families, and in fact have fractured family structures, leading to confusion, pain, rage and an  outpouring of these reactions onto society.

The Conservative Party supports Democracy, Family & Justice. We desire to protect the family, punish the guilty & defend the weak. Always will we fight for the democracy protecting the Sovereignty of Aotearoa.  Kia manaaki Atua koutou


Fraser Calvert

Fraser is a father of three adult children living at home, happily married for 26 years and now a grandfather. His early years were spent in the electronic technical and engineering fields with a change to electronic product sales and marketing later on.

Fraser became interested in politics later on in life and became passionate during the last US elections. It was evident to him how far the traditional conservative and progressive political sides had moved. Coupled with that has been a growing appreciation by him and many conservatives that we cannot trust the media anymore and the liberal and academic bias fueled by Hollywood shows how far we are removed from a sane society with common sense values.

Fraser sits on two other boards in different fields giving a greater appreciation of governance. Fraser and his wife spent some years with a home internet shopping business whilst also home schooling their children. That gave him an appreciation of how different our educational system had departed from the fundamental basics. Fraser’s main passions are seeing the truth revealed in its many forms and that coupled with discernment, strategising and pealing below the surface  help now in the field of conservative politics.