Elliot has worked in many roles and companies through his career, and the one steady pattern  throughout has been the desire to help people because that is what his family does; mother, father,  grandparents, immediate and extended fanau were instrumental in role modelling the kiwi ideal of helping one another.

“Government policies post 1980’s have failed to support strong families, and in fact have fractured family structures, leading to confusion, pain, rage and an outpouring of these reactions onto society.

The Conservative Party supports Democracy, Family & Justice.

We desire to protect the family, see the guilty held to account & defend the weak.

Always will we fight for the democracy protecting the Sovereignty of Aotearoa.

Always will Family come first.

Kia manaaki Atua koutou”

Elliot was awarded the Bravery & Heroism award for the Upper North Island in the Pride of New Zealand 2014 Awards. You can see details of the award here on this video below.  






Here is Elliot’s introductory video.

This was Elliot at the MCC debate.


Getting Candid with … Elliot Ikilei









Elliot Ikilei Billboard























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