Paul was born in Mt Albert, Auckland in 1957 and has lived in both the North and South Islands of our great country as well as in Singapore for a three year period. Paul is happily married to Kathryn and between them they have seven children and thirteen grand children. Paul went to school in Auckland and Morrinsville before joining Her Majesty’s Royal New Zealand Air Force as an Aircraft Engineer at the age of 17. At 34 Paul left the Air Force and worked for Air New Zealand, and later left aircraft engineering to start his own business. Paul has had a couple of contract distribution businesses in the food sector and a property maintenance franchise with Hire A Hubby for 9 years before diversifying into Real Estate where he and Kathryn have been working for the last 14 years. Paul is currently on two boards supporting your community, one in particular assists youth from the justice system regain control of their lives. This work gives Paul great satisfaction.

It is the Conservative party’ belief in Family values in particular that attracted Paul to the Party however the party’s policies in general strike a genuine chord with Paul. Democracy and in particular the Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum (BCIR) policy along with the Justice reform policy and the Party’s belief that the a strong traditional Family unit is central to rebuilding our broken society. Young people need to know how to engage in strong and enduring relationships both with their role models, be that parent or otherwise, and in life and marriage as they mature. Successive governments have paid nothing but lip service to all previous BCIR despite the obvious wants of the voting public. It is little wonder the engagement and voter turnout at election time is so woefully low. Most voters firmly believe that their vote will not make a difference, and to date it has not. TIME TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON, vote Conservative

Conservatives believe in a hand up, not hand outs, and while that may be a well worn phrase there is not a political party that has done anything about it to date. The Conservative believe in empowering individuals to make the most of their natural skills and abilities to help them to help themselves and in turn our nation to be better and stronger.

Conservatives believe in Justice for all and that any punishment should fit the crime, and that the prison system of our future must direct inmates to be better prepared and able to reintegrate into society as productive members of that society. Our prison system is currently run by the inmates and it just produces better criminal rather than reformed citizens.

It is the intention of the Conservative party to motivate any government to do a health check on our democracy to identify and correct the root cause of Child abuse and Child poverty, and to ask some tough and honest questions around social policy, housing and justice. These issues can be addressed but not within the existing political landscape, and not by JUST throwing money at particular voting blocks once every three years.

The Conservatives have a full range of policies detailed on our website. Please review these at and while you are there take the “Are you Conservative?” test, we would love to hear from you.

Paul being interviewed by Leighton Baker

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