For the past 25 years I have been working as an architect in the eastern suburbs and wider Wellington based from Kilbirnie.  I have talked with thousands of people and heard their desires to do the best for their families and their futures.  I continue daily to tackle buearaucratic systems through which people need to navigate to obtain permissions to build.

 Family underpins everything and it is great to see our five children now leave home and establish themselves in relationships and society.

 I have coached the top maths students from many schools towards excelling at competitions and currently run the regional Mathswell competition.  This love and experience in mathematics has lead to opportunities to lead the Wellington Mathematics Association and help with the challenges teachers face daily.



Why am I a conservative

 For most of us, family is the most important thing.  We work hard to give our children the best we can and hope that their lives will be better than ours.

 We live in a country where we have the freedom to do what ever we wish, to speak freely, to start a business, to own property and to meet freely.

 Most of us are not particularly interested in what the government does or does not do as long as we can continue to enjoy our freedoms.

 Although the family is the building block of society, in recent decades, the government has focused on fiscal measures and has moved our society towards a more liberal and progressive nature.  In doing so it has left behind the family and emphasised the individual.

 As a result of government policy we now live with 

– debt of $83,000,000,000 that’s $18,000 per man woman and child

– world’s highest teen suicide rate

– increasing youth violence

– homelessness and begging on our streets

Surely what the main political parties have been doing has been shown to be wrong.  Our dependancy on the state is ever increasing and there is a lack of fresh ideas to move forward.

 I believe we can do better.  We can mentor and work with those on the fringes of society to give them hope and value again and make them part of society.  We can have a fairer tax system where everyone (including the wealthy) pay their fair share and contribute.  We can have a long term plan to provide opportunities for NZers.  We can have a clean green country.  We can lead the world in business and innovation, not just on the rugby field or the water.

 As always the majority of the country stay quiet and don’t want to rock the boat.  We just get along with our everyday lives and do the best we can.

 I am tired of this when I see how we could so simply improve things.  It is time for common sense, ordinary people to stand up again and have their voice heard.  The Conservative Party in my view is the only party with this focus on a practical common sense future for the country and the family.