Has Democracy Already

  Been Euthanised?

Assisted suicide – let’s call it what it is – allows a group of people to choose when someone dies. Calling it “End of life choice bill” or “Dream sweet dreams forever bill” does not alter the fact that killing someone is irreversible and permanent, and history shows us that when we allow people this sort of power, it gets abused.

Point in case for New Zealand is abortions where current legislation is not followed, the government know it, yet upwards of 13000 young kiwis die every year.

As a nation our record on suicide is unenviable. We have the highest teen suicide rate in the world. How do you say to young people “Don’t do it, you’re worth more, you’re cared about,” and then legalise suicide with a straight face?

On the flip side, in New Zealand we have some exceptional palliative care. Those of us who have been around a while recognise the superb work done by hospices, New Zealand wide, in caring for people suffering terminal illness. New Zealanders value life.

While the Conservative party is opposed to Euthanasia we also recognise that 119 Politicians should neither be empowered nor burdened with the responsibility of this life and death choice.

For democracy to work properly, this decision must be made through referenda where all New Zealanders share the responsibility of opening the lid on the termination of life.

Let New Zealanders make this life and death decision. Make it a binding referenda question. Thursday night, on national television, the bills creator, David Seymour suggested that a referendum would prove more people to be in favour than against the bill. “You may be right David,” says Conservative Party Leader, Leighton Baker. “Let the people speak!”

Leighton Baker. Conservative Party Leader.

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