New Religion Introduced into New Zealand Schools

Quickly following the recent push to remove religious education from schools, the as yet uncreated void is being filled by the new religion of gender identity.

Totally unsupported by science, based purely on personal preference, this new theology states that we can all identify with whatever gender we desire.

As a relatively new thought process, it has not yet undergone the rigors of testing through the ‘laws of unintended consequences.’ Things like unequal sports competition, compromising of vulnerable people’s privacy, or creating insecurity in young people will inevitably have long term negative outcomes which will require even more resources to deal with them.

This entire belief system is based on self interest and feelings. These are not regarded as great foundations for decision making, nor for long term societal good.

The Conservative Party does not believe this religion deserves any government funding or support and opposes its inclusion in schools.
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