February 20, 2017 

Te Reo in Schools

Te Reo definitely has a place in New Zealand and the Conservative Party has some practical ideas to preserve it in New Zealand.

  1. Teach New Zealand history in schools. Not a sanitized, politically correct version, but a warts and all account of early New Zealand from whalers to Maori land courts and wars, from the New Zealand Company through to early missionaries.
  2. Encourage all Kiwi Kids to become bilingual with Te Reo offered as 1 option of a secondary language. This would allow children from other ethnicities to use their native tongue (Samoan, Tongan, Cantonese, etc) to achieve credits easily and acknowledge their bilingual skills.

“The combination of these two policies would achieve greater awareness of our heritage and therefore a greater uptake in Te Reo, a richer experience for future Kiwis as they have more diverse language skills, and a greater pool of people to translate with our diverse tourist numbers.

“It’s a win all round,” says Leighton Baker, Conservative Party leader.