“My husband and I see the damage done to youth from synthetic cannabis and drugs first hand. We don’t read about it, we don’t hear about it, we’ve lived with it for over 15 years”, says Conservative Party Candidate for Northland – Mel Taylor.

“I challenge any politician who wants to decriminalize or legalize cannabis, to come and work with us for a while. Come and actually see youth who have life long damage from cannabis and synthetic drugs. Come and hear about youth who once had so much potential, then lost it all to drug induced psychosis. We cannot tell our youth that drugs are not okay, then go and decriminalize cannabis.

“It’s not just the drugs that are the problem. There are huge underlying factors that we need to address as a country. Factors like the breakdown of the family unit, generational family addictions, and loss of hope and purpose.

“The Conservative Party is a Party of frontline workers, who have frontline answers. We have policies that will address the hopelessness and lostness of our youth and see them rehabilitated, policies to strengthen the family unit, policies to teach our youth about healthy supportive relationships, to name a few.

“It’s time to hit the reset button! Before more die or are sentenced to a life of suffering,” she concludes.

Melanie Taylor, Northland Candidate Conservative Party