16 Mar 2017
The Conservative Party does not support repealing or replacing our existing abortion laws as they are the only protection the unborn have.

If Labour and the Greens have their way then abortion will be on demand. This is tantamount to condoning the wholesale slaughter of Kiwi kids. Already 40 Kiwi kids are killed every year for every 1 road fatality and this is through no fault of their own.

The United Nations Charter for Human Rights demands consideration of the rights of the unborn, however the flaunting of our current law which states an abortion may only proceed after “having full regard for the rights of the unborn child”, means that we totally ignore our responsibilities under the Charter and the Act.

If you want to play spot the hypocrite, then look no further than New Zealand. We were instrumental in resolution 2334 condemning Israel for human rights abuses, yet the skeletons in our closets are piling up thick and fast.

It’s time New Zealand recognised that the only difference between a fetus and a baby is love.

Leighton Baker