Our suicide rate is at record high. Surely this is the trigger required for us to change the way we deal with the issue of suicide and for us to further look at the research that shows up to 90% of male adolescents that attempt suicide were sexually abused as children.

It is evident from our record 606 suicides last year that there are more people feeling disconnected and isolated without having the tools to deal appropriately with the feelings they are experiencing.

“It is imperative that we give relationship training in schools so that our young people have the tools to build, develop and maintain healthy relationships and deal appropriately with conflict,” says Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader.

“The Conservative Party believes that a different approach to treating Mental Health problems is needed. Mental Health cannot be fixed by medication, only suppressed and controlled. It is important that we provide appropriate counselling for those suffering mental health issues so that they are empowered to believe in the potential for recovery.

“In addition, we seriously need to work on restoring healthy relationships and healthy families, to try and reduce sexual and other abuse and therefore reduce suicide triggers,” continues Leighton.

The Conservative Party values life, from conception to natural death, and is committed to exploring the causes of, and implementing measures needed to tackle, our suicide epidemic within New Zealand.

The question that must be asked though, is “How can we be genuinely concerned at the number of people who decide the only way out of their suffering and misery is suicide, while at the same time promote the concept of legally assisted suicide?” The two seem mutually incompatible.

Leighton Baker, Party Leader. 021 361879