Elliot talks to Leighton Smith on ZB Talkback – Dec 2017

The news is hot at the moment about the National Party requiring a socially conservative political party for the next election. Listen to Elliot (Conservative Party Dep Leader) making the case for the Conservative Party of NZ being that obvious party which is still around and continues to be lead by Leighton Baker.


Listen to Elliot Ikilei on “Politics” Pacific Breakfast Radio


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Simon Gutschlag, Candidate for Nelson close to Power!

Leighton Baker at the 2017 NZ General Election Party Debate – 33 Television

Leighton Baker attended the debate hosted by TV33 Chinese TV at the Chao Shan General Association Building, Tuesday 15th August 2017. There were eight Political parties participating (NZ First & TOPS missing for obvious reasons!). Each participant had an opportunity to explain their policies and also ask a question of other participants. Leighton explained the Conservative Party policies clearly and without taking digs of the other politicians.

Leighton Baker at the Housing Forum- Anglican Diocese of Wellington- 9th August 2017

Getting Candid with … Elliot Ikilei

Elliot Ewen Pasione Ikilei​, 40, Manurewa candidate for The Conservative Party. He lives in Papakura.

I’ve lived five years south side, grew up east side (Pt England, Glen Innes, Mt Wellington), teen years in Kirikiriroa (Hamilton).

Give me three words that come to mind when I say ‘South Auckland’?

Family, community, authenticity.

Where’s the best place to buy dinner in your electorate?

My personal favourite for breakfast is Classic Cafe in Clendon. Lunch is between Melba or Malaysian Corner in Southmall, and dinner is between RSA buffet or Food Junction. I love the coffee in Urban Soul, BP in Weymouth and Classic Cafe on Browns Rd. We have heaps of awesome eateries in Manurewa.

What’s one piece of wisdom you’d like to pass on to others, particularly young people?

Your actions today determine your destiny tomorrow.

What’s one trial or struggle that you’ve overcome?

A few years after I chose to devote my life to saving rangatahi (youth), I came across a horrific case. It involved an innocent youth and a long period of occurrences in the home that broke me with utter sadness and rage. I wept for days and struggled to get certain images out of my head. I burned out and I went on sabbatical, just needing to heal the head, heart and soul. I spent months with my friends and whanau, in prayer and reflection and, after certain events, I eventually rose back up with a full heart and an even stronger ferocity to save your young people. Indeed, this was the pivotal motivator that led to my desperation to get into politics. We are losing the war for our youth and their God-given right to pursue a good and right destiny, and why? Because the rules of the game are being set by career politicians and ‘representatives’ who do not represent us in Manurewa. Those who know me know three things already: I already represent the family, I already represent the frontline, I already represent Manurewa.

Who is the Kiwi you admire most and why?

My wife Eona, my grandmother Fanela Ikilei, my mother Dianne Hohaia, father Pasione Ikilei, my siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins. I admire them and they are part of me as I walk and talk.

When I’ve got a few free hours I like to …


Tell us what your party’s policies will do for people in this community?

Manurewa has not had a voice to protect the family for over six years. In that time Manurewa has been used as a ‘safe seat’ in order to try and push three anti-family bills. The Conservative Party released policies, long before the incumbent party, that place family as the most important organisation within society. Read through them, you will see quick fast our protection of this foundational pillar. At my first public debate at the University of Auckland, with the 10 big parties present, I was the only pro-life candidate there, and was booed for it. I was proud to stand up for our unborn children then, and proud to stand up for them now. We also have an awesome justice and youth crime policy which is firm, fair and with appropriate correction without the vengeance. We are the frontline, we know what works and what doesn’t. And our binding citizens’-initiated referendum. The referendum is our founding policy, brought in due to government ignoring every single referendum held thus far, our binding referendum is one that no other party has. No ruling government can veto our binding referendum.

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