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Leighton Baker at the Rally

Leighton Baker at the Housing Forum- Anglican Diocese of Wellington- 9th August 2017


Leighton Baker talking on Euthanasia

Leighton Baker and Elliot Ikilei at the Webinar and Face Book live event Sat 1st July 2017

Posted by Conservative Party NZ on Friday, 30 June 2017

Leighton Baker and Elliot Ikieli at the Manurewa Campaign Launch  Friday 30th June 2017

Posted by Conservative Party NZ on Friday, 30 June 2017

 Elliot Ikilei- MCC Auckland University Debate-March 3rd 2017

Conservative Party Christmas 2016 Message

We Value Life- The Conservative Party believes in the value of Life.

Have you given any thought over the last few years about loss of life or thought about lives that are adversely affected when it really didn’t need to happen?

We have.

In New Zealand, we have a lot of respect for life. We marvel at acts of kindness towards others and regularly hear of people putting themselves in danger to protect or assist others. This is the Kiwi way and gives us all a sense of pride in our families, communities, and our nation. There is much to feel good about this Christmas when you give “festive greetings” to neighbours, friends, and workmates.

However,  there are things that are wrong in our society and causing unneeded death and hardship. We continue to be far too quiet about them but the Conservative Party believes that they can not be ignored anymore:

  When you sit at the Christmas table this year, have a think about just these 5 areas and how you feel about them – there are many more besides:






  This year has seen parliamentarians being asked for opinions and debate on whether or not people should be allowed to end their own life legally. THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY SAYS NO. The rules at the moment allow for palliative care and the experience in other Countries has been substantially negative.








  We would risk our lives to pull neighbours children from a burning house, but we pretend not to know that 320,000 NZ children have been killed before they were born in the last 20 years. We are opposed to this killing without parental consent, if the mother is under legal age. THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY SAYS NO. This needs to stop. We treat unborn calves with more importance than we do unborn children. A child’s life (as stated in every single text on the subject) starts in the womb and if you stop that life, you stop the life of a child. It’s legalised murder.







  The national shame of the abuse of our children is evident in everyday New Zealand. Again, we top all the developed world statistics on all the negative numbers. Some people thought that preventing smacking would stop the slide of abuse of children. As a nation, we voted overwhelmingly to leave laws the way they had been for decades but that was overturned by our Prime Minister. Guess what? Police reported assault on a child causes injury has gone from just over 600 per year (2007) to just under 1200 (2014) THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY SAYS NO. Guess what all the reports now tell us? Family structure is the most important and prominent factor in the continuing abuse of children, we can’t ignore the information any more.


Why did the law makers not listen to us? The drinking age was lowered on a “conscience vote” in parliament but all the statistics point to it being a failed social experiment. THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY SAYS NO. The data shows that children’s brains are not ready for alcohol and the lowering of the age put it effectively in the hands of 15/16 year olds. Even at 18, just when our children have full driver’s licenses – we give them alcohol and ask them to make good decisions??

Google search the adolescent brain and specifically what happens to it after drinking if you want more evidence.





We top all the statistics in the western world about the amount of abuse that goes on behind closed doors to loved ones/intimate partners. A 2009 families commission report showed over 32,000 family violence reports being reported in 2006. THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY SAYS NO. It’s not just men doing the bashing by the way, oh no our women account for 48% of the physical abuse of intimate partners.
We’ve had report after report done on this area of social disgrace in our nation and they come back to the same thing time and again – the breakdown of the family unit and lack of commitment between partners.

As you enjoy your Christmas meal with loved ones this year – think about the impact of these 5 areas of our nation’s social character and whether or not you want to see them change.




  Have a think about our New Zealand love of life – take an inventory of your family and think about how different things could be. When we value life and families are strong, our nation is strong. The Conservative Party is still here and fighting for your family and values that make sense.