“Here is my first principle of foreign policy: good government at home.”

These words, spoken over a century ago, encapsulate core beliefs of the Conservative Party:

“A belief in a decent society that values life, individual privacy, the freedom of the individual (including freedom of speech, conscience, worship and assembly), the right to defend one’s self and property, the importance of family and the role of civil society;”


“A belief that New Zealand should act responsibly among the nations of the world”

The Conservative Party holds that we protect our Families, their Freedoms and the Sovereignty of our nation, that we advocate for those nations not heard, and that we work internationally in order to collaboratively support each other in times of need.

The Conservative Party believe in building a strong economy, protecting our industries and ensuring we provide opportunities to New Zealanders in adding value to the primary resources we export, while standing for fairness in trade agreements.



The Conservative Party is committed to:

* Working constructively on the world stage as an international and regional partner with multilateral organizations to achieve greater co-operation, peace and harmony in the world;

* Enhancing the effectiveness of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade by ensuring that the best possible people are appointed to international diplomatic and trade postings. We note that former politicians are not always the best choice to achieve New Zealand’s objectives;

* Ensuring all Free Trade agreements provide for both countries to be able to operate on a level playing field;

Supporting an agreement reached by the Israelis and Palestinians, rather than forcing our solution on them.

* Developing new and existing markets to ensure that optimum trading environments are created, increasing the wealth of our nation through the activity of New Zealand importers and exporters ;

* Evaluating existing affiliation to international agreements to ensure that New Zealand is receiving benefit for our continued involvement and not being a party to an agreement that is having little or even detrimental effect. We would turn attention to other international projects or projects within New Zealand;

* Protecting New Zealand’s national sovereignty above any multi national agreement.

* Withdrawing New Zealand from membership of the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement 2015;

* Retaining New Zealand’s anti-nuclear status;

* Re-examining New Zealand’s overseas aid commitments. While we are a generous nation that always comes to the aid of those who find themselves in dire need, we need to look at budgets we have for long term projects particularly as we borrow to fund these projects. We believe that while we are paying down our own debt that we should scale back non-disaster related foreign aid until we get our books in order, prioritising New Zealand based non-governmental aid organisations and their projects;

* Ensuring that New Zealand ‘adds value’ to products we export so that we maximise the return from raw products.