All New Zealanders are immigrants, or descendants of immigrants, and as such we welcome those who would like to make New Zealand their home. The recent swell in numbers of people wanting to settle in New Zealand and the challenges that are presented in regards to housing and infrastructure, mean that we must put some boundaries around who and how many come in.

Our Immigration policy is to be seen as some practical solutions for those challenges as well as some clear boundaries moving forward. While people from all nationalities and cultures come to New Zealand, it is important that the laws we adhere to, and our culture, are respected by those who arrive.



The Conservative Party is committed to:

  • Supporting a united New Zealand where all peoples living here are subject to the same laws.
  • Net zero immigration, for a period, until housing demand is eased to an acceptable level. Student visas would be excluded from this total.
  • Prioritising immigrants who can add to our economy and not depend on it. Our priorities for immigrants would be:
  1. First right of entry to New Zealanders returning home.
  2. Possessing skills or qualifications that we are in need of in New Zealand. These would have to be qualifications recognised in New Zealand to avoid the situation that currently exists where some qualified professionals are unable to practise in New Zealand.
  3. Immigrants with a good grasp of the New Zealand language so that they can maximise the skills/qualifications they have.
  4. Immigrants of good character. Any red flags raised by New Zealand or other entities should be enough to reject an application.
  • People entering New Zealand on student visas would need to meet the same criteria as other immigrants before getting residency.
  • Ensuring there is no acceptance or allowance of Sharia Law, in any expression, as well as any non-constitutional jurisdictional authority, in New Zealand.
  • Increasing the period of good behaviour before citizenship is granted. A standard term of five years good behaviour as well as 5 years tax contribution before eligible for welfare.
  • Lifetime deportation of non-citizens for serious crimes committed such as rape, child abuse, human trafficking, fraud, etc.
  • Supporting the reunification of families. The Conservative Party believes families are important and that it is in the best interest particularly of children for the family unit to be together. We are committed to allowing special immigration status to those who want to reunite their families and can prove that they can privately cover and support a family member (until they are eligible for permanent residency) for high cost public services such as healthcare and retirement costs.


  • We are committed to ensuring a better resourced assimilation process is put in place for refugees into New Zealand society and ensuring they commit to uphold and participate in our way of life.
  • Working with NZ based non-governmental organisations operating in troubled zones to identify refugees, who are more closely aligned with our nation’s values and fill our refugee quota with these people, rather than accepting the United Nations allotment.
  • Ensuring that thorough, robust screening is undertaken with regard to every refugee and/or asylum seeker before granting residency.
  • People here on work visas that get New Zealand women pregnant will not gain citizenship until the five years good behaviour has been completed. This would include still remaining in a committed monogamous relationship with the mother. Fathering children with other women in that time would mean instant deportation.