The Conservative Party believes that Law and Order needs some urgent review in New Zealand. There continues to be too much repeat offending of all kinds, and we are not getting to the vulnerable quickly and firmly enough, to curb the sometimes inevitable crime that young people lead into.

The Conservative Party intends to address some core areas of Law and Order such as:



  • Ensuring people feel safe in their own homes

  • Increasing sentences

  • Plea-bargaining effectiveness (should it be an option at all?)

  • Enforced minimum parole standards

  • The bail system – this option should exist for only very minor crimes

  • Cumulative sentencing

  • White collar crime review – better addressing the damage done by fraud and other deception – crimes that rip families and communities apart

  • Prisoners working to recompense victims

  • Raising the drinking age back to 20 years (as recommended by numerous reputable reports)

  • Doubling the cost of fines commensurate to the value of the crime

  • Reviewing the court system from end-to-end to improve outcomes for all stakeholders

  • Tougher drug policing and sentencing, including reasonable-cause testing

Full details on the policy will be released in the coming months.