Conservative.  Family, Justice, Democracy


The Conservative Party believes in protecting and promoting the family unit. The natural family unit consisting of a mother, a father and children, is a vital building block of our society. We are committed to stemming the governmental degradation of this unit. We will introduce family friendly policies and strategies aiming to strengthen, promote and rebuild this pillar of our society. Conservative Party values life, from conception to natural death and is committed to protecting those who have no voice in terminating their lives i.e the unborn and infirm


The government must do all within its power to uphold justice by protecting the citizens of New Zealand from the criminal activity of the few, and to minimize the existence of such activity. Victims’ rights should come before criminals’ rights. There must be a move towards Personal Responsibility.

Prevention is better than cure. The Conservative Party believes that a good justice system must focus on helping people avoid reaching the place where they require imprisonment. One key way is to encourage long term, committed marriages. Children raised in that environment are statistically far less likely to be involved in crime and substance abuse.


The Conservative Party sees Binding Citizens Initiated Referenda as a means of adding a safeguard to our democracy. We see it as a tool to reign in government when they do not seem to be obeying the wishes of the people who elected them. Currently we have just 1 day in 1095 to tell them we are not happy. This needs to change.


Net zero immigration, for a short period, until housing demand is eased. Student visas would be excluded from this immigration total.

Only New Zealand citizens and residents should be able to own land in New Zealand.