The Conservatives were born from a growing frustration amongst voters from the right, left and anywhere in-between who felt abandoned and betrayed by the Government they had voted for.


  • Both National and Labour have abandoned principle for self-interest.
  • No-one in the Conservatives is a career politician. We are teachers, policemen, business men and women, farmers and parents. We will bring fresh thinking to Wellington.
  • If we’re elected, our role will be to keep the Government honest and on a short leash.
  • Our role will be to give the Government a backbone; to give them the support they need to make the tough calls.
  • Our role is to make sure this Government listens to you and follows the instructions of the majority.
With your help we’ll make them do just that in 2017. We need your electorate vote and your party vote. We need you to stand beside us and send them a message loud and clear.

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