Time to Make History

This new government must be given time to find its footing, and prioritise areas of agreement. However, part of that process must be the corporate understanding and recognition of the drivers of New Zealand’s negative statistics, so that these can be addressed at their cause rather than at their result.

The Conservative Party‘s policies on a comprehensive justice solution, nationwide relationship training, and early trade streaming, could all be key ingredients in helping New Zealand move forward. We hope our new Government will take the best of all Party’s policies for the good of our nation.

“Having differing parties working together could be a great thing for New Zealand if ideologies are put aside for effective policies,” says Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader.

“I enjoyed listening to policies from all parties during the recent campaign and recognise that no one Party has all the answers, and many candidates from different parties were willing to acknowledge good ideas from across the political spectrum,” adds Mr Baker.

“For the sake of our nation, we hope that this new coalition will have the humility and courage to utilise the collective wisdom put forward in the recent election.

Failure to do so will be costly for us all.

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